5th Year Anniversary !

Dear customers, fans, friends and partners,

Ubiquest just turned 5 this month!

It is a great opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support and trust. They have always been our best reward.
This 5th anniversary is the perfect time for us to look back at the road traveled since we designed Urban Tales, our first concept, in 2014.
Ubiquest today offers 15 of the most original activities available for tourists and companies in Vietnam.

In 2018 and 2019 only we hosted more than 70 events and thousands of guests.
The trend for Urban Gaming is growing worldwide and we are proud to have been the precursors of it and to have gained your trust all along these years.
This anniversary is also an opportunity to think about the future. As tradition requires, we kept the best news for the end… We have the great pleasure to announce that Ubiquest is expanding its operating horizon.
Our original & innovative urban games & live-action activities will soon be available in EUROPE… We are all super excited and can’t wait to operate our first events in this new city.
Can someone guess where Ubiquest’s European office will be based?

We’ll give you more details later on… 🙂

“The Rally” – a great 3-in-1 activity

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure to organize a half-day team building activity for SCC Vietnam. This activity is called “The Rally” and is designed for medium to big groups. The morning program was divided into 3 workshops, each of them having a specific goal, and the teams had to act into different immersive and exciting situations.

First part was the “Marshmallow challenge” (the goal is to build the highest structure in 18 minutes, following specific rules); second part was a “Scavenger hunt” in District 1 (where participants have to orientate themselves & complete challenges in different locations, some of them being quite hidden and fun!); third & last part was the “Pipeline challenge” (using a limited amount of supplies and in a limited time, the goal is to build a pipeline crossing the room which would transport 10 marbles.)

Those 3 workshops are excellent to make people work closely together and embrace collaboration.

Well done to all participants and thank you for you enthusiasm and your energy!

Our Interactive City Hunt in images

Are you looking for an original team building activity for your team & partners? 🇻🇳

Look no further: our Interactive City Hunt is the one!
It combines the exploration of the city, an innovative scenario & a competitive dimension. 🏃🏻‍♂️
Have a look at our video right here.

So happy that one of our tours is featured on “Will Fly For Food” travel blog!

We are very happy and proud that our Evening Street Food Tour is featured in the last article of one of the world’s most popular travel food blogs “Will Fly For Food” !

You can read the whole article of JB & Renée right here.
And in this article, you can watch the great and very detailed video they made about of evening street food tour.

It really shows the vibrant & joyful atmosphere of our tour. Thanks a lot for the article and the video JB & Renée!

Our evening street food tour in vintage car is featured in “Will Fly For Food”.

Recherchons des acteurs francophones !

Nous recherchons actuellement des acteurs vietnamiens francophones, pour interagir avec nos joueurs sur certains des tours que nous organisons. Une expérience en théâtre/comédie est un plus mais n’est pas du tout obligatoire.

Merci de nous contacter si vous êtes intéressé(e) !

For our urban games, we are looking for French speaking Vietnamese candidates !

Have you heard about our Interactive City Hunt?

Our Interactive City Hunt has definitely been one of the most popular activities for team building events this year.

It is the perfect experience you can offer to your team for a fun and memorable half-day out.

Why? Simply because it is a truly exciting mobile app-based activity, combining the exploration of the city, an innovative & interactive scenario and a competitive dimension.

On the menu: quizzes to answer (it could be about city landmarks or other local features), funny challenges and riddles to fulfill, GPS points to look for and  codes to decipher !

As the participants progress through the activity using one tablet per team, they will earn more or less points and get a final score,  depending on whether they are quick enough or whether they manage to answer all the questions…. Exciting!

Our Interactive City Hunt has been designed for up to 30 teams.

It is an easy and flexible solution for groups who want to explore the city and bound teams together at the same time.

Last but not least, we can tailor made some parts of the activity, in relation with your department or your company,  upon your requests.

The route to success to complete the hunt: competition but of course also cooperative skills, sense of direction and time management!

If you are looking for more information about this product or about other urban games for your next team building, please have a look right here!

Welcome to our Mystery Man challenge!

Join our exciting Interactive City Hunt!

During this 3-hour activity, you and your team will be completing series of quizzes, riddles & funny challenges. Lots of fun guaranteed.

This one is our Mystery Man challenge!

More info on our website right here: 

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Recherchons des Vietnamiens Francophones


Si rejoindre une équipe jeune et dynamique vous intéresse et si participer à des jeux originaux et amusants vous stimule…

Si en plus, vous êtes francophone et recherchez des missions à mi-temps…

Alors merci de nous envoyer votre CV et lettre de motivation en français à l’adresse suivante:

Nous recrutons toute l’année!



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